Yara Greenhouse November 2013 - June 2014

TCE Installation - Replacement of the original trial greenhouse with a new high tech growing environment.

The Yara Pocklington site is situated some 20 minutes to the south east of York and is the global centre for the development and production of the YaraVita range of foliar and micronutrient fertilizers. The business started in Pocklington in 1967 and now sells YaraVita products via local Yara units or specialist distributors in over 60 countries. Activities on the site include manufacturing, storage and distribution, global product management, product development, agronomic advice and soil / plant analysis.

YaraVita products are all manufactured at Pocklington to the highest standards of quality within ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Manufacturing is based on high quality raw materials, ensuring maximum nutrient use efficiency and minimising the risk of contamination. Every YaraVita product is fully tested in our environmentally controlled glasshouse and in replicated field trials. YaraVita is a complete range of foliar and micronutrient fertilizers covering the whole spectrum of crop requirements. Most YaraVita™ products are sprayed onto growing crops to be taken up by the leaves so maximising efficiency and minimising environmental impact. But Yara also has products designed for application to the soil, a range of seed treatments and formulations for the expanding area of fertigation. Our aim is to supply the right nutrients, at the right time and in the most effective way.