Yara Fertilisers

Yara delivers solutions for sustainable agriculture and the environment. Their fertilizers and crop nutrition programs help produce the food required for the growing world population. Industrial products and solutions reduce emissions, improve air quality and support safe and efficient operations.

Yara can look back on more than 170 years of business in the UK developing and supplying high quality plant nutrient products for farmers and growers and more recently suppliers to the amenity and protected glasshouse sectors.

Since the start in 1843 until today, the company’s main focus has been to be a leading crop nutrition provider specializing in nitrogen fertilizers and latterly industrial products. With different company names and acquisitions, evolving from Fisons, to Yara UK Limited via Norsk Hydro and Hydro Agri whilst incorporating Chafer liquid fertilizers and Phosyn foliar and micro-nutrient products, the company has provided customers in the UK with superior products, services and the best advice.

TCE's Role at Yara Pocklington

Our role within the Pocklington factory is the install, maintenance and commissioning of new and existing machinery. We work very closely with the managing staff to ensure production can be run at maximum efficiency. We provide updated systems to phase out old analogue style operations, our new digital programs allow for efficiency of the production line and are also designed with expansion in mind.

The manufacturing, storage and distribution site at Yara Pocklington is situated some 20 minutes to the south east of York, on the Pocklingtons Industrial Estate. The Yara Pocklington site is the global centre for the development and production of the YaraVita range of foliar and micronutrient fertilizers. The business started in Pocklington in 1967 and now sells YaraVita products via local Yara units or specialist distributors in over 60 countries. Activities on the site include production, global product management, product development, agronomic advice and soil / plant analysis.