Hanson Aggregates 5th September 2012

TCE installation Hanson Aggregates

In conjunction with Finedooor Engineering and NSW Electrical, TCE have installed a number of Invertek ODP Drives to reduce running costs and enhance the Grading Plant at Hanson Aggregates in Ripon.

Tim Coats of TCE said,

“We were asked to replace the control system on a new Replacement quarry crushing plant, for producing 3 different grades of gravel and also Sharp sand for the building trade. We needed to control the speed of the 22kw and 37 kW water pumps that feed the stone crushing plant with water to separate the sand from the gravel, also to wash the gravel, In addition we had to control the silt pumps to take away unwanted silt. This process is a fine balancing act normally controlled by regulating the output using 6" gate valves to slow down the flow. Now with the use of Invertek ODP Drives supplied by Crawford Controls Ltd, we can fine tune the speed of the pumps with potentiometers saving a huge amount of energy in the process.”

TCE have also installed a large 75kw Optidrive to control the motor on a large barrel scrubber.

Tim commented, “With the benefit of soft start to save the drive belts and also injection braking to slow the barrel to a stop more quickly, we were able to stop product over spill onto a vibrating screen, which had been an issue previously.

TCE have installed a total of 7 Optidrive’s ranging from 5.5kw to 75kw mounted in control panels inside an air conditioned shipping container on this project and Hanson Aggregates are reaping the benefit.

The benefits of using inverters in our business are already proving a cost saving. In the past if we were required to slow an item of machinery down we would have to mechanically do this by means of pulleys, Also valves to reduce the flow of water. With the introduction of inverters we can now do this quicker and without incurring extra costs of purchasing pulleys to determine what speed we require.

Using pulleys to slow an item of machinery does not necessarily save us in power but inverters do. As a General foreman I have to show power savings on an annual basis, this can be shown straight away with comparing the old system with the new system.