Anglia Salads 2013 Onwards

TCE Installation: Ventilation, Screens, Irrigation Control

Anglia Salads is a privately owned and managed company. It specialises in the production and marketing of lettuce and chicory to the Processed Lettuce Industry, throughout the UK season. The produce supplied ultimately ends up in ready to eat bagged salads, available at all the major supermarkets.

Increasingly the company is supplying to the food services sector and to local outlets. To complement lettuce production, large leaf spinach is grown, together with a range of seasonal vegetables.

Our primary job was the installation of the ventilation and screen systems. Supplied by our custom made control boxes each vent motor was able to open and closed depending in temperature and weather. Likewise the side wall motors were designed to regulate the temperature within the polly tunnels.

The total are of the site is in excess of 50 acres.